Sunday, May 29, 2016
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IMPORTANT note about my web site and Joomla Extensions

In an attempt to better organise my life (HA!), I'm currently separating my personal and work sites.  If you're looking for my Joomla Extensions, or anything related to my work for that matter, then head over to the new work site, here. (Yes, it's work in progress.. isn't it always?)


The price of gaming in Australia!

My name is Nick.  I'm a gamer-holic.  

Or at least I was.

Of late, I've almost stopped buying games for Xbox & Playstation in favour of gaming on my iPad.  Aside from the mobile aspects, the pricing of iPad gaming is incredible, and (IMHO) blows the console market out of the water from a value perspective.

Here in Australia, new games are coming out for the above consoles, at approximately $110 RRP. Our exchange rate here has gone past parity with AU$1 worth over US$1.  So at the very least, we're paying $110 US DOLLARS for games, while in the US, they are paying $40 to $50.

With the digital-age well and truly upon us, and the ability to download FULL games in place, you'd have thought that the cost of retail games ONLINE would be less than the physical product because there are no-distribution costs for physical packages, no cases, no covers, no manuals, no discs, nothing.  Yet a quick look at the latest games on LIVE will show that prices are in fact the same as the street RRP, and in some cases, MORE!

Read more: The price of gaming in Australia!


My new sideline

swimmingOver the last couple of years, I've begun to feel the effects of sitting in front of a computer for 25 years (aside from the cobwebs that is!).  Firstly the wrists started to go, which put an end to my guitaring, and I'm generally stiffening up due to lack of computer-free time.

In November, I offered to help out with my daughters swimming lessons at the school. I thoroughly enjoyed a) being away from the computer, and b) helping the kids with their swimming.  I spoke with Graeme, the poolman, and he put me on to the AustSwim organisation.  After a lot of swimming, a course, a lot of reading, and sitting in with lots of lessons, I finally got assessed just after the new year, and landed head first in running three weeks of intensive swimming classes through the holidays.  I'm proud to say I didn't lose anyone!! :^) I'm now about to start the Term 1 one lessons, and have 8 weeks or so until the pool closes for winter.

So in-between the web coding, my joomla extensions, and getting as much riding in as I can, I now get a few hours a week in the pool.  I can't think of a better place to be, and a great way to get a little exercise away from the computer!

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Graeme & Leigh for their support, and of course to Emma & Rebecca for all their help too!


Gotta love Triumph!!

2007 Triumph TigerLast September/October, I managed to have a wee accident in the garden and broke my ankle. No, it didn't involve alcohol or bikes!! I spent 6 weeks on crutches and about 5 weeks in plaster.  Worse still, a week before the accident I'd just picked up my new bike!  I don't know which hurt the most, the broken ankle, or a new bike I couldn't ride.  I was so tempted to try, but my 'bikie' neighbour happens to be a nurse, and she threatened me if I got on the bike :^)

Anyhoo, the new bike is a 2007 Triumph Tiger with under 6000km's (now 7000+) on the clock.  I always fancied the Tiger, but was always concerned I may have been a little on the short side.  One ride later (shouldn't have stopped at the bike shop!!) and I was hooked.  I loved the Sprint, but the Tiger (for me) was even better. For the type of riding I do, it's a bit more practical too.

While on the subject of Triumph, I picked up the Triumph Sympatex Speed jacket and Camo pants a few months ago, and can't recommend them enough.  They are well made, and a fantastic fit, and so far... waterproof!! I can't go past bike gear without mentioning Draggin Jeans too.  I virtually live in my Draggin's (the boy scout motto lives on.... be prepared!!) and I recently bought a pair of their new Slyx to add to my collection.  Very nice!!

Ride safe fellow bikers!


A quick update

It's been two months since I finished up at the shop.  I've had a break, had the flu, got a tatt, covered a few km's on Casper, spent some time with the family, played lots of xbox & got slaughtered on Call Of Duty on xbox live!

I'm now shoulder deep in projects including: site maintenace, new sites and writing & maintaining a few Joomla Components & Modules.  In addition to that, there's all the accounts and nightmares that go with that!

I don't think I was quite expecting the amount of work that was going to hit me, although a lot of that has come by neglecting the Joomla extensions.  It's been a year since I wrote them, and I've received stacks of emails regarding adding new features.  As soon as I started updating them, there was another barrage of emails and support requests.  I've updated my site to better cater for this by adding in a proper download section, and a forum for support/suggestions etc.

Wacky Halibut is not all about Web sites though.... While my side handles Web sites, Web Hosting, PHP development, Mac Support, Joomla deelopment etc, we also do Graphic Design and Illustration.  After a dry spell, Dee has been flat out for the last 3 months. If you haven't come across her site or work before, click on "DEE" in the top menu to visit her site.

Well, that'a VERY brief update.  As new projects and sites happen, I'll update this blog!



Adios Tango, g'day Casper!!

casper.jpgWell, my affair with Tango really turned into a brief fling!! It was a great bike, and the colour was incredible, but I found myself in a very fortunate position of being able to update. So being hooked on the Sprint, I decided to buy a more recent model.

Meet Casper, a 2007 Triumph Sprint ST (ABS model). 13000kms, luggage etc etc. I flew down to Sydney early one morning to check the bike over, paid the money and started the return jourey at about 11am (the picture on the right was taken at Turramurra servo just before the freeway). 95% of the trip back was in the pouring rain, and with all the flooding we'd had, I opted to head straight back in case the mountain closed again. I finally arrived home at about 7pm.

That was a looong ride, but even in the rain I had fun! Casper just wanted to go and go, and handled beautifully. More than I can say about some of my gear!! The Dri Rider Nordic Pro jacket was great, no leakage there. Luckily for me, I decided to buy some better pants for the journey, rather than my usual Draggins. The Rivet Jaguar pants stood up to the rain too. My Dri Rider Nordic, so called waterproof, boots weren't. Nor were the gloves. Top marks to the Jacket & Pants though, anything that can survive 7 hours solid rain has got to be good. I doubt they'll get exposed to that much water again.

I've since had a few more accessories fitted, such as the matching top box, the tank pad and a Rego Pro Tube (great idea)!!

Check out the gallery for a few more photos!



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